Action Plan (NITI AYOG)

The extremely low level of per-capita income and widespread poverty made it impossible for us to achieve this objective without growing the economy.... Read More

Source : Niti Ayog

Annual Report (NITI AYOG)

The institution provides the Central and State Governments with relevant strategic and technical advice across the spectrum on key policy elements... Read More

Source : Niti Ayog

China Air Pollution Action Plan 2013

The protection of atmospheric environment assures the people’s welfare, the sustainable development of economy, enhances a well-off society and the great rejuvenation of the China Dream... Read More

Source : BCAA

China's Progress Report (2017)

The Chinese government has strengthened ecological conservation and energy saving, and mobilized the entire society to participate in the process... Read More

Source : Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China

The Gazette of India

The Hon’ble Supreme Court in its order of November 10, 2016 directed framing and submission of graded response action plan for various categories of National Air Quality Index (AQI)... Read More

Source : Ministry of Enviroment, forest and climate change

IITK study 2016

Identify and inventorize emission sources (industry, traffic, power plants, local power generation, small scale industries etc.) in Delhi...Read More

Source : Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

State Global Report 2018 (HEI)

The State of Global Air report brings into one place the mostrecent information available on levels and trends in air quality and health for countries around the globe... Read More

Source : IHME