Contribute to Restoring Blue Skies!

Our vision is to contribute to restoring Blue Skies and improving Air Quality including climate risks in Delhi/NCR and other cities in India through scientific research and as a Think Tank.


Scientific Integrity and quest to enhance knowledge.

Collaborative, constructive and solutions-oriented approach.


While CERCA is a centre of excellence hosted at an institution known for its high quality research and education, the approach of CERCA will combine the best practices from the entire ecosystem. It will include:

Multidisciplinary research projects in collaboration with other institutions in India and overseas on Ambient Air Quality and Indoor Air Quality.

Working with and providing scientific information to policy makers at Government of India, State governments and Municipal Authorities and provide scientific feedback on effectiveness of various air pollution management programs.

Help enhance public understanding and participation in promoting Clean Air initiatives.

Collaborate with Industry on Clean Air equipment and emission reduction initiatives and Indoor Air Quality Improvement.

In other words, CERCA will function as thinktank and action centre hosted at and drawing from the research expertise available at IIT Delhi and working for clean air in Delhi, India and beyond, as appropriate.


CERCA will function as think-tank and Action Centre hosted at and drawing from the high quality research expertise available at IIT Delhi and working along with multiple stakeholders including Government, academia and Industry for finding sustainable clean air solutions for Delhi, India and beyond, as appropriate.

CERCA has instituted a mechanism to invite research proposals from learned faculties of IIT Delhi and financing such shortlisted proposals that can bring about the required benefit to the society through research based recommendations and also in terms of policy formulation in the right direction.