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Ultimate aim: Mass conversion of electric cars

India Post launched a special post cover and post mark at the Head Post Office......Read More

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Punjab farm fires up by nearly 90% over daily average of past 5 years

Scientists at IIT-Delhi’s Centre of Excellence for Research on Clean Air (CERCA)...Read More

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CERCA at IIT Delhi launches electric mobility initiative

Founder of CERCA, Mr Arun Duggal, said that the Electric Beetle is a “symbolic action” to demonstrate that air pollution.......Read More

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From house of IIT: Stubble remover and smog tower

To combat the issue of air pollution in the country, select IITs have developed prototype of air purification machines.....Read More

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India can win the war against air pollution | Opinion

Show political will, set up an all-powerful authority led by a credible figure, and embark on comprehensive reforms......Read More

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Air quality in Delhi this August worse than that of last year: CPCB

According to a report prepared by CPCB in March last year, the cities of Varanasi and Faridabad are the most......Read More